Be well in your job and your career

Our methodology


Based on ten years of theorical research, partnerships and practical applications, the objective of @EASE methodology is to link the jobs and the people on the job market. It is characterised by a double approach perfectly integrated "OPPM" and "IT"

  • a simple data model, effective and demanding, common base and flexible analysis of people and jobs according to a exhaustive rating scale

  • a full training program

  • supports and pratical sheets for all steps of recruitment, career management, team creation and management, employee brand strategy

  • a fully flexibility in our parternships, from the training of your teams to the consulting and include operationnal implementation

Our Conviction


The conviction which establishes HumanEase's commitment is that each person which sends a application must receive an individualized et argued answer.

Our mission is to professionalise tools and enhance the skills of the managers and OPPM to give them the means to become ethic and effective in their team management.

This professionnalism of the OPPM line is the base of the whole of the methodology for career selection and managementHumanEase. It allows a maximum contribution of management and OPPM department:

  • to the performance and ethic of the company

  • to the well-being of people which compounds organization

  • to the fight against all kind of discrimination and the promotion of the equal opportunity

We share these convictions with the association Law 1901 Looking For Talents, founder of the idea HumanEase and which helps to diffuse the best practices in people and jobs management in the company.

Charter LFT

Our History


The HumanEase adventure is the 10-years outcome of theorical researches, parternships and pratical applications. Initiated under the OPPM master MPMO of Sciences Po, our approach is the result of the metting between the academic world and the OPPM actors in the large companies. Our methodology has been applied during many different parternships as l’Oréal, the rugby Club La Rochelle, BNP Paribas, Bio c’ Bon, Lagradère Active, Louis Vuitton."

At the beginning of 2016, the association Law 1901 Looking for Talents emerged with the mission to spread the best practices based on our methodology the the whole of OPPM and people management actors.Thank to trainings delivered by consultants certified by LFT and by helping people to find a new job, the association wants to be a place to exchange and share information about the ethic the performance in the organisations.

To improve our impact, we decided to found HumanEase in 2017 to propose a larger range of services to help companies in the transformation of their OPPM management : training, audit, consulting, change management and workshops.

We have created a multidisciplinaryteam bringing together OPPM experts and professionnals from other domains to propose an innovating technology to manage recruitments and careers.

Our partner LFT